Friday, September 4, 2009

Pizza Friday

Another fun "Pizza Friday" at my house today! Five women plus a precocious girl in front of a Hawaiian pizza and California chicken pizza equals an instant party. An evening of talking, hashing out what happened during the week, planning on future gatherings, and plans for the weekend is the typical scenario at said gathering. A time to share, exchange, reminisce, laugh, just PRICELESS! I hope all of you got a chance to enjoy your family today like I did. Until next time, Peace.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Final Rest

I was at my running club a couple of hours ago, when the caravan of black limousines, SUVs, expensive cars, passed by on their way to the cemetary for the final resting place of MJ. Turning on the street on my way home were police barricades, a couple of tv vans, some photographers, some fans, outside the gate and helicopters circling on top. Such a big contrast from the huge crowd at UCLA, this time, not a lot of traffic. I guess this is indeed a private and solemn time for MJ and his family. May you rest in peace MJ!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New School, New Friends, New Beginnings

I was lucky enough to accompany my sister to drop off Hayden for her fist day of school at Holy Family. At first, I thought, "new school, new faces, this looks like waterworks in the making." I am so blessed for being around my niece's transformation from being in the tummy, a cute baby, and now a 2nd Grader. Boy, time flew by so fast! We got to the school, auditorium was filled, parents looking flustered, some kids were smiling, some apprehensive, and some sleepy. Hayden had a stoic face, I thought to myself, "I hope she's alright." Finally, I had the courage to push through the crowd and ask a mom where the 2nd graders were. Low and behold they were at the other end of the auditorium. We finally got there, and guess what brought a smile to Hayden's face, a girl with open arms saying her name and giving her a huge hug! Hayden said with full relief, "Katelyn!" At that moment I knew she'll be alright. I guess mother's instinct is one hundred percent reliable. My sister was smart enough to enroll Hayden to the school's summer program in anticipation of the "new school." On the other hand, I remember a horrible first day of school at Colegio de la Milagrosa. I mean, waterworks, holding to my yaya for dear life, and imagine this, rolling on the floor to let them know I was not feeling it! My mom was smart, she transferred me to Pilot Elementary School.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cooling Off

It felt nice to be out and about...

Dancing fountains accompanied by music

Kids were applauding watching this

See you next time!