Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OcToBeR BluEs

We had pouring rain overnight.  The sky is so gloomy and dark right now.  The heater was turned on to keep the cold, damp air away.  This weather reflects what my family is feeling right now.  It has been hard for my family these past couple of weeks.  

An uncle of mine, who's also my Godfather, passed away from a massive heart attack. He lived a good life. He stayed in Iowa for the slow-paced day to day life, I guess California was just too much for him.  

Then a few days later, my cousin in the Philippines followed.  After a wonderful lunch and the Christmas tree bought (his final request), he slept and went into a coma.  His was a long fought battle, ever brave and ever strong. 

They will surely be missed.  

Furthermore, the day we found out about my cousin, I found our fish not scrambling to get his food and  he was lying next to his castle, lifeless.  His was the only one we could attend in person.  We buried him in the backyard next to the two previous ones we had before him.

The "circle of life" witnessed by my niece at a young age of almost 7 years old by next week.