Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Dream Life (backyard pool)

I heard or read somewhere that it is a very good exercise for your brain and well being to visualize all the good things, feelings, wonderful thoughts you inspire your life to be.  So, here is my exercise for this month.  I have looked through different photos on the internet and borrowed pictures that made me happy and placed them on “My Dream Life” drawing board.
I can envision Alex, Allie and Greg splashing water around in this sleek and minimalist pool while I lounge on the chair putting down the latest novel that I’m reading to watch and listen to their laughter that’s feeling the air.  The surrounding foliage swaying in the cool breeze and the sweet chirping of the birds make this backyard retreat such a wonderful oasis after a full day running around town.
During warm summer weekends I will enjoy entertaining the rest of the family.  Hayden will do her somersaults while Alex, Allie, Tavi and baby Joey will be clapping their hands with glee.  I can almost hear baby Marley’s sweet cooing under the pergola while Joey and Anastasia entertain her.  On the other end of the pool Kane and Magnus are busy wrestling away.

Hold it, what’s that?  I smell the delicious aroma of food that my mom is busily preparing in the kitchen.  Wait until you see my “dream kitchen!”
***swimming pool photo borrowed from Architectural Digest.