Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Travel Itch

Three months have passed since my last travel. I'm beginning to feel the itch to go somewhere. I often have this fantasy of just packing up and showing at an airport and buying a ticket to a flight anywhere before it boarded. That would be a real surprise! It could be Spain, Greece, Morocco, Thailand or Fiji. I guess I have to be at an international section of the airport, hahaha. Come to think of it, I can't find my "list of places to go." I think the last one I checked off was "Paris." On my local list, I could have checked off "Chicago," however, plans changed since one of my friends could not get away because of this little thing called "work." And to top it all, with the budget crisis in our midst, it seems like it would be such an irresponsible thing to do. Unless, I win the "lotto," then it would be a different story, right? Oh, the beauty of day dreaming, it's free! No hours wasted on deciding what to pack, where to go, long lines waiting to get searched, removing shoes and belts, throwing your water bottles that is almost full, getting seated next to a snorer, the list goes on. But wait, I still need to go somewhere, anywhere to get this "travel itch" off my back. Well, well, maybe in three months, I'm crossing my fingers.....


  1. hi grace, i am very, very sleepy and with an article and a half brewing in my mind...not a good combination so off to zzzzzland and will be posting in a few...sa dreams na lang ako ma-travel haha

  2. get some rest my dear friend, hahaha.