Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome Sunny

Sunny's baptism was yesterday. He was wearing a cute white outfit and a playful smile for the occasion. It was a solemn ceremony without fuzz, or a piercing cry when the water was poured on his head. Boy, sixth godchild and counting, whew! It sure is a nice yardstick of age. Let me see, Frederick, Roxanna, Hayden, Nathan, AJ, and Sunny. Welcome Sunny to our Faith!


  1. Oh my, an inaanak mo is something else na tabi - he drives me nuts! Sinabi na dili magkawakaw, lalo makawkaw sin tubig, sinabi na dili magdalagan sa tinampo, lalo madalagan nan mapundo sa atubangan san nagdadangadang na kotse. In other words, makaaalo na ini na batit....

  2. hahaha, amo siguro kita sadto, talagang nag tatry na lain magbati, hahaha