Sunday, November 22, 2009

Top Ten List That Christmas Is Here

1. FB friend is almost done with her Xmas shopping.
2. Christmas tree lots are in full swing.
3. Nieces and nephews have their gift list written.
4. Sisters are shopping for party dresses.
5. Family parties are already scheduled.
6. It’s cold and temperature runs below 50’s at night.
7. Coats and sweaters are the clothing staple again.
8. Experiments are in full force ahead to finish before the holidays.
9. Advertisements for “Black Friday”  (the biggest after Thanksgiving sale) are on the radio, TV, and flyers.
10. I’ve been listening to a radio station playing Christmas songs on my way to work for a week now.


  1. Merry Christmas, Grace! We're having an orange-and-white Christmas (as usual) here in Sorsogon, hehehe

  2. @Anna-same to you and your family. enjoy the holidays:)

  3. I was at the mall yesterday. It was packed and I heard some cursing! Christmas spirit talaga.

  4. Hi Grace. I hope all is well. Happy (belated) birthday, and happy new year!