Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

With the significant others left at home due to a "cold virus" or just plain "no more room in the car" reasons, my family and I ventured to Venice Beach for an unusually warm sunny day in Southern California in the middle of winter  to have lunch.  So thankful to have this weather (since my dad sent us photos of his snow packed driveway just a couple of days ago) and to enjoy the company of my family, good food, and beautiful Valentine's Day!

Here's hoping that you guys had a wonderful Heart Day and looking forward to an exciting Tiger Year!


  1. Now THIS is how Valentine's Day should be celebrated. Real kaugmahan, dili an habuunon ko na manufactured romance, hahaha.

    BTW, nice shades. :)

  2. Ay hulat, hain si Ressie? Please don't tell me you did not bring him to THE BEACH, waaah.

  3. @buday - sinabi mo, an burak naluluyus, an chocolate nakapakulug nin ngipon, hahaha. Shades talaga an weakness ni manay mo. Si Ressie dinara ni Fred (Leah's BF) sa dog park para makisocialize.

  4. WAHHHH! Inggit ako! Now, I officially hate you! HAHAHAHAHAHA Love your tan and yes, love the sunglasses. :D