Friday, March 19, 2010

"BIG" is an understatement

I had a whirlwind adventure in Houston, Texas! Nope, not that kind.  My cousin called me in the beginning of the week and said that they'll be having their "house blessing" that weekend and would love to have us for the festivities.  My first reaction was, "good for them" and second, "too bad, can't take time off work."

Luckily the boss gave me 2 days off, Friday and Monday. I got my ticket and became an official representative from Glendale, Ca. since the rest of my family already made plans for that weekend.  My other cousin and his friend will be flying the same day from a LAX, while I chose Burbank.  My dad will be a day late coming from Washington, DC.

The first thing I noticed when I landed at Dallas, Tx for my connecting flight to Houston was,"a man on a segway sporting a cowboy hat and cowboy boots."  Then I was off to Houston. 

The houses are huge compared to our circa 1920 humble abode.  My cousin and his wife's house is huge, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, formal dining room and family room for just the two of them. My dad's cousin's house in my eyes is a mansion, imagine at least 3,000 sq ft for the three of them! Big trucks and SUVs on the freeway, mind you, my dad's cousin drives a Humvee (just her and her son). 

That weekend was the house blessing,  "Pacquiao fight" and the "Rodeo.  Lots of food, laughter and never ending talking.  I had a wonderful time reminiscing old stories from my childhood and hearing stories from my dad and his cousin's childhood years.

"Everything is BIG in Texas, indeed!"  


  1. Nadumduman ko lugod an bro-in-law ko and his almighty Suburban, hehe.
    Sin-o an nagpa-house blessing, si Peter o si Paul? In any case, EVERYONE is big in Texas! With almost matching shirts pa.
    Hmmm, makangalas-ngalas baya Jesusa pan-o ka nagkaigwa sin mga pinsan na irog sana kadaragko na tawo, hahaha.
    (Nagsurmaton an hataason...)

  2. sige ko an utuk utuk nin tawa san nadumduman ko an bro-in-law mo. dapat talaga magpasyar ka talaga sa mayo para magkachika kita nira ilay:) Si Paul nan si Venus an asawa niya an nag pahouse blessing. Siguro nagrabihan an fertilizer san mga pinsa ko, hahaha.

  3. BONGGA! Nadumduman ko san saday pa ini si Paul, san nagbabatog palang maglakat. Sus, cuteness overload (to borrow Buday's term hahahaha) siya. Gin paparapiridlit mi an cheeks, smile pa siya. Dili baya naghahaya. HAHAHAHA Si Dandan an mahayaon. LOL

  4. @droomvla - kitaa baya kay grabe an koneksyon san pamilya naton ha. mas hatag-as pa sa akon si Paul, LOL. baga ako dwende pagkaiping ko an magkamanghod, hahaha