Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Is Here

I can't believe I've been gone this long from posting on this blog!  Blame it on fb.

Let's see, so far here are some of the highlights this year.

I finally took a 3 week vacation and had a blast at my high school and elementary reunions.  I accomplished a goal of going to a place I've never been before in the Philippines thanks to my cousin Dara and a dear friend Lisa's generosity and who took me to Tagaytay.  I sadly missed a Spain trip with best friends Ilay and Bunay and explored Hong Kong instead.

The lab hired a much needed help but somehow I can't understand how I'm exhausted and feels like the work days got shorter and my to do list got exponentially longer.

Bailed on an overnight camping trip on Leo Carillo Beach due to "over sensory kids overload syndrome," even though it took me 3 hours driving bumper to bumper to get there on a 4th of July weekend and 2 hours driving back the same snail's pace after spending maybe 1 hour tops watching my sister and her boyfriend set-up the huge family tent and probably ate almost a half of the huge, sweet and delicious watermelon. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE KIDS!

I have been eating salads for lunch for the past week or so. I seem to be enjoying a nice glass of Shiraz, or Rose or Muscat Canelli on any given Fridays or Saturdays.

Yup! Definitely, summer is finally here.  Bring It ON.......  Here's to more posts in this blog:)


  1. Welcome back!
    Pareho kita, I also posted practically nothing during the first half of the year. The highschool reunion made my life sort of one-dimensional, hehe.
    Natawa ako sa sensory overload mo. Bagan nag-alsa balutan, hahaha.
    Bueno, toast ko ikaw sin Rose' ko man didi. For more posts mananggad.

  2. Hay naku bunay, talagang alsa balutan si manay mo. Nagkurulug an ulo ko, Kay kun si Hayden lang printera na konta ako kaso lang idto na tulo na batit san ka amiga ni leah grabe an ramok. By the way,i try mo an Viognier basi mas lalo ka ma relax to post more:)