Friday, February 7, 2014


Dearest Allie and Alex,

Yesterday, Ms Manuela told me that you, "Allie," finally used the potty to pee.  I'm so proud of you my big girl!! I can't believe how time flies.  I'm enjoying our car rides to and from school now, even though, I feel like a broken record singing, "Wheels on the bus," or "Old McDonald Had a farm."

Today when I dropped you guys off, Ms. Jennifer said that you, "Alex," didn't touch your lunch at all.  That is quite not like you my big boy.  I hope everything is okay.  Don't worry, whatever it is, it will work itself out.  I promise.  I've noticed that you are using more words now.  That makes me so happy!

Let's keep up this progress...  Good job kids!


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