Sunday, July 26, 2009


Going about my business on a beautiful Saturday morning, when I happen to ran across two friends who are practically my neighbors but I never see, "voila!", I got invited to their friend's bachelorette's party that evening, bless their hearts!
Boy, the last time I attended one was my sister's probably 13 years ago at her best friend's house. I didn't know what to expect for this one. It was exciting thinking of what to wear to a night in Hollywood, the anticipation of meeting new friends, and getting the old feeling of "gee, I'm going out tonight!" The evening started with warm hugs, hellos and introductions, wonderful food bought and prepared, delicious margaritas and sangrias and the place full of wonderful energy from single beautiful women except for one, on the way to paint the town red. The night ended with more food, tequila shots, champagne toasts, and hilarious games. This all happened because of a "chance meeting" in a grocery store parking lot! And the rest of the story is for another day, or not, hahaha...


  1. let me tell you my story, too - i got to win a prize, for finishing the sentences (quotations)...and i hadn't seen the bride-to-be in like 4 years! i'd changed jobs, moved out of state, etc., and they still managed to track me down. haha! fun time, this kind of party, isn't it? haha...

  2. I feel like having tequila and margarita now. WAHHHHHH! hahahahaha

  3. sinabi mo. kumusta an lakwatsa mo?