Saturday, August 1, 2009

Being A Kid

My cousin’s kid, Brit (7yrs old) spent the weekend with my niece Hayden (6yrs old). Both of them have been looking forward this “sleepover” since the beginning of summer. You see, Brit lives in Oregon. For some reason these two just clicks. Whenever they are together, you just see how happy they are doing just about anything. They went ice skating, ate junk food, took photos from the photo booths at the mall, played at the park and still had the energy to stay up late one night watching movies. The house was filled with giggles; pretend screams from pretend monsters and the occasional cries from falls (Hayden can be a such a klutz). Surprisingly enough, I didn’t hear any disagreements, or episodes of “she did this and that.”

The middle of the living room was transformed into a makeshift house for the two girls. Two chairs spaced apart and blankets on top to make this amazing house. You can hear them talking and just enjoying this magical space they made for themselves. Come to think of it, I also remember doing the same thing as a kid.

Oh, the joy of being a kid again! No worries, no deadlines, no bills, no decisions to make, just a world of summer afternoons building houses made of blankets surrounded with laughter and of endless possibilities.


  1. the boys do this a lot, lol1 what fun! kisses to your nieces!

  2. Aysus nadudumduman ko an mga balay-balay. Intiro tamong. Nan an pagkaon, laptukay, hahaha!