Saturday, August 8, 2009

Never Say Never

On Cell phones
I remember when I saw people with this gadget years ago, and thought to myself, "I will never get one, waste of money, waste of time, what's wrong with the land line?"
Guess what, I have to eat my words! I can't live without it. It's not an accessory anymore but a life line.

Text Message
I was in the Philippines for my grandma's funeral when all of my younger cousins were busy with their fingers and constantly giggling and they were sitting right next to each other, they were texting. I thought back then, "how silly, they could just open their mouths and talk, extra monthly cell phone expense, that's just plain crazy!"
Now, what a convenience when you're in a meeting and not bothering anyone with a loud conversation. Although it took me a while to learn how to do it, and still a little bit slow.

Digital Camera
Back then, I said, "my 35mm Canon PowerShot was perfect!" Why would I want to spend that outrageous price on a digital camera?
Right now, I'm literally on my 3rd Canon PowerShot SD1000, just don't ask why. Technology has really come a long way. Sleek, light, easy design, that I can carry in my purse or slip in my jean's back pocket, and an instant gratification, no more waiting for films to be developed. What more can I ask for?

At first, "another gimmick, too preppy, too expensive."
Now, I just love it! I can plug it in my car stereo, my music on the go, use it in the gym or just about anywhere.

Well, I didn't think it was a necessary TV feature at all. Another moment of, "gee, another gimmick to gouge customers."
Boy let me tell you, you will never say, " what did she say?" or " I just missed that, with a sigh." Recorded shows that can be seen in a shorter time because of commercial fast forwards that otherwise you will miss because there's this little thing called work.

Social Networking
When my sister and her friends were on MySpace and most of my cousins in the Philippines were on Friendster, and while my undergrad students were hooked on Facebook, I told myself, " another time pit in the making, not for me!"
Another shocker for me, it is so much fun! Finding old and new friends again from near and far, knowing what's up with everyone. One downside, it sure consumes a lot of time from my busy schedule. But what the heck!

The first time I saw my cousin's 17 year old son using an Iphone, I said, "What? You paid $500 for that?"
I've been hearing good things about it. But knowing me, it will take time to get me convinced.


  1. hahah - what can i say, we're drowning in all these hi-tech stuff! ever wonder where blogging will go?

  2. time will tell my friend, hahaha

  3. Mismo! Ma-blog man ako sadi ha kay natawa ako na bigla ko narealize how outrageous it is that 39-year-old Bunay is going crazy over (ayaw pagtawa) Guitar Hero. Hahaha! And to think pagsabi san brother ko na nagbakal siya, ginparatawahan ko.