Saturday, August 8, 2009

Things To Do

Playing the piano

Going to Ice Skating

When I was growing up, I had some activities outside of school that I did with my sisters and cousins. We took dance classes (Hawaiian and ballet), some tennis, and a little bit of piano. I am blessed to witness and be a part in my niece's transformation from a baby to almost 7 yrs of age. I'm always in awe in how much this little person can do in her spare time. She takes up ballet to give her proper posture and grace, ice skating to develop her athletic and competitive edge, and piano to develop her musical side (and according to different studies also mathematical part of the brain). I guess I have to give my sister a great applause for her dedication to make all these things happen. To be able to have these precious moments with your child is indeed a Blessing!


  1. proud tiya ka sa kalistuhan san imo pamangkin.... not all are blessed like her..... my congratulations to you and your sister for raising a great child in her.... God Bless all of you!