Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something Blue

SPG stain on Spleen

I'm learning this new technique where I use a cryostat to cut tissue to about  16 micrometer in thickness and immediately stain the section.  Voila, this is what you see under a fluorescence microscope.  That fluorescent blue in the photo shows nerve fibers running through the mouse spleen.  Isn't science just magical! Or at least make pretty pictures, hahaha.


  1. this is amazing? anano an ginku-cultivate niyo?

  2. i mean, amazing!!! (sorry, aj here)

  3. salamat. you do amazing work also. our lab works on a lot of things mainly on gene regulation, psychoneuroimmunology, and bioinformatics. it's a pretty exciting time in my field right now:)

  4. One of the things that always drew me to chemistry was the colors!
    Even a benign E.coli with Mug is prtty under fluorescent light!