Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something Borrowed

It's 98 degrees outside, but feels like 100 degrees and mind you it's the second day of Fall.  Taking a cue from Buday's post, I took time out to go to one of my favorite places, "the library." Most of the books from my list that I wanted to borrow were out.  So,  I just took two books from the "new arrival shelf" that somehow looked interesting from a quick glance.  Let's hope they are entertaining.

 Glendale Public Library

 Catchy Title 

                Looks like a good one


  1. hihi - i like the title! so amusing! tell us about the books, okay? happy reading!! (aj is transforming beside me)

  2. type ko an library. pwede magnap? lol

  3. @droomvla - nadumduman ko lugod an college years na pagnap sa library, good old days, hahahaha...

    @whitemist - I know, what a title! too bad i didn't think of that first,LOL.