Monday, October 5, 2009

100th Time

I was just reading Cherie's post about her reaching 100 posts.  

On that note, today is also the 100th time the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology has been awarded, and to more than one woman.  They are Elizabeth H. Blackburn , Carol W. Greider  and Jack W. Szostak.  This 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine is for the discovery of "how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme telomerase."

I bet you someone probably celebrated their 100th birthday today. 

Well, I hope this short post brightened your day! 


  1. heheh, great writing style tabi. i was gonna do a post on hundreds. thank you, grace. lalo lugod naging memorable an adlaw.

  2. Maski one hundred years pa yan, kulang pa yan na kabayadan sa beinte anyos! Hahaha.

  3. @cherie - dapat talaga icelebrate ina na mga achievements, hehehehe.

    @buday - talagang classic ina na beinte anyos, no one can top that, hahahaha.