Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Is Finally Here

Top 10 Signs of Fall

1. When I got out at 7pm last night from an hour's class at the gym, it was already dark.
2. The household was in full swing at 6am (Hayden has church @ 7:45am) and all the lights were on.
3. The heater was in full blast making the house warm and cozy.

4. Finally got out of bed by 6:30am and saw the sun started to peek and greeted us.
5. Beautiful sunny day with a brisk cool wind blowing.  Definitely a "cardigan" kind of day.
6. My niece already has a Halloween costume.

7. It's already 2nd week of the month that ends in "ber."
8. Talks and plans about Thanksgiving.
9. I started to look for my sweaters kept in the basement.
10. The reason for #1, seeing the glimpse of "stuffing your face eating marathon" months.


  1. hahaha! enjoyed this one! we've already made rounds of the stores, too. but no buying till Hallowen's really close - in the past, the boys would wear their costumes all the time, they'd have nothing but tatters when the day finally arrived (oh well, tatters can make for an excellent costume, too, come to think of it ^_^).

    well, aris says what's with you (me) not eating? i always say i don't want to get fat. he says what's wrong with you? i think that's really funny.~~~well, my friend, i think you are in the best of shape! sabi ngani ni pamela, mayad pa si grace, toned!

  2. cherie, thank you for the encouragement, best of shape kuno! so that's your secret all these years, lain magkaon, hahaha... bueno tatahiun ko an baba ko para lain magsulud an mga food,LOL. i just don't have self control, there i said it:(
    the boys are keeping you and aris young, hehehehe. give them my love.

  3. i will, dear. kadtua na tabi an bag-o ko na blogsite kay habo na magbukas san dashboard san this side of town - just click my name, sad ako huhuhu

  4. Didi sa Pinas, the "ber" months signify something else. CHRISTMAS is here! Hahaha. My gulay, carols na an pinapatugtog sa SM so kikurulbaan na naman ako sa listahan ko regalo. Ma-greet na ako saimo Merry Christmas, madir because later, it'll be Happy Birthday. :)

  5. @cherie - what happened? will check it out.

    @buday - salamat, anano may parol ka na?

  6. Amo, mahagkot na talaga. Mala kay gin kukudogan na ako kun maaga. hahahahaha