Saturday, January 23, 2010

No More Rain

The torrential rainy week is finally over.  The sun was out today although it was a bit chilly.  No more mudslides, floods on streets and broken trees on rooftops and cars.  The change of weather was nice for a little while (maybe a for a day),  but not so nice when the cabin fever settled in.

I guess I'm very spoiled when it comes to weather.  I like it warm and sunny.  Or maybe, just maybe, that I can blame it on my tropical genes that are encoded in my DNA.  Well, well, spoiled or not, sunny days are here again and that makes me soooo happy!


  1. Blame it on your tropical genes, hahahaha! I like that!!! Sabadi man ako sin diyot na sunshine didi. hehehe :)

  2. ?arm and sunny sounds good, heck just warm sounds good. CT is still below 40

  3. @droomvla - bayai lang kay ipa overnight fedex ko an sunshine sa imo

    @whitemist - i just saw the forecast for this week, there will be rain on tuesday, keep warm:)