Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Monday

Today is MLK (Martin Luther King) day, and is a holiday for most of us.  What to do on a rainy Monday?  We decided on going to a matinee.  My sister, brother, and I took Hayden to see a Jackie Chan movie, " The Spy Next Door."  It was really entertaining.  

The movie brought back so many happy childhood memories back in my hometown.  I remember watching his kungfu movies that were dubbed in English while eating hot garlic peanuts sold by the street vendors just outside of the cinema.  I heard from my cousins that there are no cinemas in my hometown anymore.  That's really sad.

The smell of buttered popcorn, kids and adults laughter, Jackie Chan's funny antics still fresh in my memory sure made this rainy Monday a very warm and happy day.


  1. I still watch Jackie Chan old films, and I still love them all! Nakahale stress. LOL

  2. Amo talaga. I hope you mayad na an pamati mo:)

  3. And after you watch those movies, people would come out of the cinema saying: "Soooo, you wanna taste my kung-fu?" Hehehe.