Monday, May 31, 2010

Start of a "3-Day Weekend"

We were blessed with a summer weather for this 3-day weekend.  We started it off with an overdue bday lunch for Greg on Saturday.

The starving family

Sizzling Fajita Plate

Molten Chocolate Cake 

Fried Ice Cream

Then the grill was fired on Sunday for a BBQ (chicken, turkey burger, corn) with friends and family.  My sister cooked the best beer battered fish taco ever.  I was so hungry that I forgot to take a photo of that.  Today is the last day of this awesome weekend, what to do?  I guess just a quiet day to rest after the "food binge marathon" all weekend long:)  


  1. Sirin-o an nagparaluto sadi? Mapaturo daw ako saimo sana na sizzling fajitas, bagan makaliliwoy. :)
    And Greg is yummy, too, mwehehe!

  2. mga madirs, grabe an kinaon ko, good for one month siguro, hahaha.

  3. Dear God - should you be in need of expanding your family circle, don't hesitate to include me! :o) Everything looks delicious, my kind of holiday, yeayyyy! :o)
    Lovely family, by the way.

  4. @aledys ver - we would love to include you:) my extended family is bigger, at least 30 people during parties...