Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ooops, wrong address:(

It will be Father's Day soon and I was quite delighted when I found this 2007 Malbec from a Paso Robles winery where I usually order from for gifts.  My dad likes wine, therefore, wine it is!  As I was finishing  with checkout I kept on thinking how easy it is to shop for gifts with a click of a finger.  Then I started an email to my siblings telling them this and like an executive order told them how much it was and for them to give me check or credit card for their share.  I guess that's one perk of being the oldest!  As I was clicking the "send button," out of the corner of my eye I saw that I accidentally clicked a friend's address instead of my sister's address.  As fast as the speed of sound the email was sent and there wasn't a way for me to stop it.  I wonder what my friend will think of me now asking her for a share for someone that's not her dad, hahahaha.


  1. Let's see if she agrees to chip in for your dad's present! :o) Isn't it horrible when you press SEND and you want your email back? It's like when you've just let the envelope slide into the letterbox and you realize you've made a mistake: you desperately want to open the letterbox to get the envelope back! :o)

  2. Acheche! I'm sure sinabihan ka san mga MINANDAHAN mo na sistahs sin equivalent sin: "Nyan, sukat!" Hahaha.
    Happy Father's Day kan Daddy mo. :)

  3. @Aledys-yes my dear, quite embarrassing really:(
    @buday- sinabi mo,hahaha. Happy Father's Day man kan Daddy mo:)