Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Toddlers Moments of Triumph

Who knew that my 25 month old twins, Alex and Allie have accomplished so much in such a short time?
One month after their second birthday, I finally made them ditch their pacifiers.  Not with an episode of crying and from time to time asking me for it with a smile knowing that my answer will be the same, “Remember, no more paci, just like what the doctor said!”  I’m so thankful that during their 2yr old check up their doctor mentioned getting rid of pacifiers.

They recognize almost all of the letters in the alphabet and M is their favorite one.  They are beginning to count past 10.  Most of the colors are now recognized especially in cars.  They love the color, yellow. They love to look for yellow cars, yellow bus, or yellow cranes on our way to school. On one of our evening walks in the neighborhood, both kids pointed out their dad’s car parked on the street among throngs of cars. While we are driving or walking they sometimes mistakenly identify other people’s car as their dad’s just by the mere fact that it’s the same color and make.

They learned to listen and remember.  One of the things their dad taught them when they started walking in the neighborhood was to listen for cars or any vehicles and stop walking until the vehicle passes by.  When I walked with them after dinner one evening, both them at the same time stopped and said,” Stop, cars!”  I was thrilled and was very proud.

I was so surprised the other day when I heard them saying, “left foot, right foot.”  I turned back and tried to confirm it by asking them to show me their right hand, and then their left hand.  Eureka, they do know their “left” and “right.”  

My mom and I took them to church on Easter Sunday.   It wasn’t that successful because their toddlers, but what is surprising to me is the fact that one of their most liked “pretend plays,” is the following: They would carry their Easter baskets or a purse and they would wave at me and say, “By mom!” Then I would ask them, “Where are you going?”  They would reply, “Church!”

They know how to make you feel better at a young age.  On any given opportune occasions they know when to ask, “Are you OK?”  Three simple words can erase any booboos you are feeling at that time.

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