Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sweet Moments

Being a parent is such a blessing!  All the sweet moments added up altogether easily trumps all the whining, fuzziness, tantrums, and bickering that cause havoc in the otherwise perfect little haven we call home.

At almost 27 months, Alex&Allie have done the following:

  • Play together for almost 15 minutes without fighting.
  • Put together the train tracks without help.
  • Get their books of choice for story time.
  • Entertain themselves for at least 15 minutes.
  • Can put away their toys in their respective bins.
  • Say hi to each other to get attention.
  • Feed themselves using utensils most of the time.
  • Can tell you when their pull ups are dirty.
  • Choose what to wear.
  • Asks if you're, "happy or sad?"
  • Can tell you if their hungry or thirsty.
Listening to their conversations bring so much pleasure after a day at work.  Their sweet hugs and kisses when I pick them up from school and before dropping them off give me strength to go to work and eases the guilt.   Weekends are such precious days to spend quality time to create such wonderful moments and memories that hopefully in my old age will be able to recall.

The hardest part for me is to not worry about the future so as not to clutter the present moment by just enjoying it.  I love their little voices saying, "Mommy, help!"  Before I know it, they'll be too independent to ask for help.

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