Saturday, August 22, 2009

Future Neighbor

I was on my way to work yesterday listening to the news and heard a blip about MJ's final resting place. I haven't blogged about the "King of Pop," (although I'm a big fan) until right now.

I actually heard the helicopters flying around UCLA campus when he was brought to RRMC, saw the fans and paparazzis waiting outside the hospital, and was one of the employees fighting the campus traffic trying to get home that afternoon.

Who knows if his family will still change their minds about choosing Forest Lawn Memorial Park here in Glendale. But for now, I guess he's going to be (one of the many famous people) our neighbor. Here's an advance "Welcome MJ" from me, your fan!


  1. good that you can still be "near" him this way...

  2. nasa likod lang san backyard namon an sementeryo:)

  3. how about i'm back, haha! do grab the Lovely Blog award form my site, dear. check out my latest post! hugs!

  4. nyan lang baya ako naka susug pakadi..... kagayun!

  5. Basi pa makaukod ka na magsayaw san Thriller, ha? hahahahaha
    Pag nababati ko ngani an HEAL THE WORLD, namumundo pa ako. hehehe

  6. cherie, thanks, i will grab that lovely blog award.
    solita, finally, sana mag enjoy ka.
    marissa, ako namumundo pag naiisip ko an mga batit niya.