Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Moment

One way to take a breather for me is to look at pictures taken from previous vacations. These photos can transport me back in time. I can remember the weather when it was taken and how I was feeling at that moment. In this fast-paced life that we live in, we seldom find the time to take a moment. Even a single moment can be an endless source of second wind specially for people like me, hahaha. Take yours now!


  1. You all look very happy... and kikay! Nadumduman ko lugod san gin tarayan ni Virna an hairdresser. LOL But it's true. Pictures do capture a moment so that whenever we look at them, we are tranported back in that moment again. ;)

  2. ako ngani, sabi ni aris, maski nano na lang an gin pi-picturan, hahahahaha! oh well, everything is a moment!!! hugs!

  3. hay naku mga pretties, dapat siguro magkiritaan kita.
    marissa, maski an few minutes naton sa hairdresser was priceless.
    cherie, remember virginia?
    something to think about people....

  4. Nice family fun time. Our appetite for fun despite hectic life is never lacking in our culture. We smile and we laugh alot!