Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

My weekend started last Friday. I drove around 57 miles north of Glendale to meet friends. To my surprise, the traffic wasn't bad at all. I had a wonderful time eating, talking, swimming and holding beautiful babies. I just go "gaga" when I see babies, just adorable babies! It was hard to leave and say goodbye to my friends, but I had another appointment to see my friend for dinner. So I was on my way, another 78 miles east. I thought it will be easy. Guess what, it wasn't! I took the wrong way and went back to Los Angeles instead. It took me 3 hours to finally get to my final destination! My friend was relieved to see me, I was too. I was so exhausted, but it didn't keep me from yapping until midnight. Nothing beats getting together with a girlfriend. The next morning, we went to "The Mission Inn," a historic hotel that has been around since the 1800's for a wonderful breakfast. The ambience was absolute perfection and the food was great. My friend and I decided that we'll have to stay there for a weekend some time. After breakfast, we ended up driving 54 miles north-east to Big Bear Lake. The drive on the winding road up the mountain was a little intense, however the view was worth it. This place was at 7000 feet. I've never seen it during summer time. It's quite different from the times I've been there to go skiing in the winter. After a little bit of exploring, we ended our day with a wonderful dinner of "chicken salad and crab cakes" with an spectacular view of the lake. Then we were off again. After dropping off my friend, I finally trekked home, another 60 or so miles. Before I knew it, it's Sunday!


  1. Two words. Lamierda galore! hahahahaha How was the crab cakes? Napun-aw lugod ako sa relleno. hahahahaha

  2. all that driving - baga ka nagpa-virginia nan balik sa nc in one day! glad you are safe!

  3. marissa, masiramun kay "blue crab" pa baga man lang an rami san sa sorsogon. enjoy talaga maglamierda!

    cherie, hahaha, sinabi mo, salamat kay wara man nin iba na problema.