Thursday, August 13, 2009


Today is Thursday Fun Run! I almost didn't make it because of traffic. "New Balance" people were there to let us test run their shoes, how cool is that? Unfortunately, they didn't have my size.

There were new faces tonight and since I'm not a newbie to the group anymore, our organizer gave me the task to be the "fearless leader" for the 3K loop so that they don't get lost. The funny thing is, they almost always run faster than I am. However, this doesn't deter me from enjoying that title to the fullest.

On the way back, some of the guys that ran 5miles were passing me by like there's no tomorrow. One of them even yelled and said, "no walking, keep going!" I yelled back, " I'm going!" But really, I was thinking, "I have an excuse, I got a side-stitch!"

When we were all gathered waiting for the raffle for "new shoes," the guys were teasing me and asking me how many days I ran last week, and all I could tell them was, "let me see, I think I got amnesia all of sudden." All they could do was laugh. The other one was asking me, "how come you're not sweating?" I looked his way, smiled and said, " I don't sweat, I'm a lady." He laughed and said, " You just glow!"

The reason why I keep on going back to this running club is I have to practice my perfect excuses, hahahaha.


  1. haha - you're good, and you're healthy! a few more days of summer to run, ano?

  2. Are you planning to join a marathon? Try mo baya. Ako an ra-ra girl mo. lol

  3. cherie, when fall comes, we'll just run earlier so that the sun is still up
    marissa, maybe not a marathon yet, probably another 5K and then 10K, cross my fingers
    geo, just gotta have excuses, hahaha