Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Much Needed Rest

At Sundown

Our Bay Window

It's only Tuesday and I'm already beat. Luckily, it will be a short work week for me. I'm taking off on Friday, yay! I'm quite happy just to be sitting here in the living room watching people walk their dogs and their kids , enjoying a very calming view and putting my thoughts into words so that I can share them with all of you out there. I do hope that all of you are already unwinding from a long day's worth of work. Think good thoughts my friends. Life is good!


  1. i can sit there and stare all day, too! grab my Your Blog Is As Deer To Me as Cupcakes button, and plut it on your sidebar!

  2. my dear, i don't know how to do that:(
    kulang sa training, hahaha

  3. Anano an sabi mo sa architect pagpagibo mo balay: Basta damo an hila-hilaan? Hehehe. Kagayon! Someday, someday, I'll INVITE MYSELF to have coffee with you there, hahaha.

  4. bunay, anytime welcome ka didi, nano kay coffee lang dapat may pandesal pa:) talagang hila-hilaan. lumaunun na ini na balay, 1927 pa kaya saday saday siya, grabe na na earthquakes.

  5. Ayos a. I love old houses and yours seem very well-maintained. 1927? Ka mga elegante siguro san mga multo dida, hehe.

  6. bunay, the previous owner actually died pero lain sa balay, that's why it was sold:(
    wara pa man kami nakikita, hahaha.