Sunday, August 9, 2009


My Sister's Winning Hand

The closed "kang" revealed.

My brother Jho is town for the weekend and today is his birthday. Since yesterday, the house was filled with laughter, clicking sound of the mahjong tiles, aroma of food and junk food and just constant chatter of voices wanting to be heard and stories to be told. A week before, we asked my brother if he wanted us to organize a party for him, and he said, "no, let's just play mahjong!" So play mahjong we did... We didn't wrap up the last game until almost midnight last night. In my family, a game of mahjong can bring out an overflowing joy of wonderful memories from our childhood years, constant flow of conversations, and laughter that embraces us all. Without further ado, let the games begin, hahaha.


  1. diin nagkadto an comment ko? anya ukudon ko kunta kun sin-o an naggana. happy birthday to jojo!

  2. thank you cherie, that was virna's. niyan si mc an nanggana, na piyerde ako:(

  3. hahaha! good luck, next time!

  4. aysus, maaram man ngayan si marissa. sana nag mahjong kita didto sa sorsi, hahaha.

    cherie, kaipuhan siguro practice,LOL.