Thursday, September 17, 2009

Goals and Accomplishments

When I woke up this morning, I told myself to try the 5-mile loop this evening even if I have to crawl it. Guess what, I did it, I ran/walked that loop for almost over an hour, i think. Not bad considering I've been stuck doing the 3-mile loop since end of February.

During my run a girl approached me and started chatting and asking me about the running club. She told me that she lost 60lbs by running everyday and would like to join our group. I thought to myself,"wow, that's really something!" Now her goal is to do a triathlon.

I guess no matter how small or how big your goal is, the key is to just stick to it. Sooner or later you will eventually accomplish something. Watch out 10K, here I come!


  1. this is such an inspiration, grace. ako ngani, maski may bisikileta na sa balay, hugakunon pa mag-exercise. bagan magayun ini na dalagan. mahapot daw ako didi...

  2. Hi Susie, came from Cherie's blog. You were on top of her list of friends/classmates since...
    When I saw the photos of the clouds from the fire, I knew we are neighbors, NoHo. Nice to meet you.

    Ebie's main blog is here.

  3. Hay, san-o man daw ako ma-lose 30 pounds? :(

    EDIT: Kitaa ini kay an word verification ko says "cheater". BADAW, hahaha.

  4. cherie, magstart ka mag walking kay kun bored ka sa bisekleta:) magayon an grupo namon kay grabe an encouragement ninda.

    ebie, hi and welcome to my blog:) you're a hop and a skip away, we should do coffee or halo-halo when you're around glendale area.

    bunay, grabe an pagka-impress ko sadto na babayi, if only i could do 1/10th of what she's doing, malamang nawara na an in-gain ko san bakasyon sa pinas:)

  5. Nagpapabati ka sa akon kay nagblog ako san bakkeren?! HAHAHAHAHA

  6. Hahaha! Kaloka ka Marissa. Pirang beses mo na ako napahakarakhak niyan na adlaw!

  7. marissa, bagan puro starchy food an "bakkaren" basi butid butid an tiyan ko kay kun gibuun ko ina, hahaha.