Friday, September 18, 2009

Move-In Day

I should have paid attention to the "one way" signs all over campus today, or checked the university calendar because I was stuck in traffic on my way home on a Friday afternoon.

It's "Move-In Day" at
UCLA today. New and returning students along with their parents and families were moving in to their respective residence halls because Fall quarter starts soon. The scene was so varied in moods. I saw parents and kids with their proud smiles, some worried looks, some with frustrated frowns and still some laughing and talking while pushing carts piled with pillows, beddings, lamps, and even plants.

Oh I remember when I took my little sister to
UC Santa Cruz for her "move-in day." We drove early in the morning for almost 7 hrs in my red Mazda and got to this beautiful campus on top of a hill with lots of trees overlooking the ocean and with a family of deer greeting us. It was an exciting and sad day for me. I was so proud of my sister and scared for her at the same time. I knew that she'll be away for 4 years, and that was sad even though I knew she'll be home for breaks and holidays. I don't know why I just left her after I helped her moved her things in the room. I gave her a hug and hurriedly drove away. I guess I just hate goodbyes. Looking back now, I should have hang out and checked out the campus with her. However, I managed to visit her while she was up there. I was also there for her 21st Bday, that was fun!

What the heck! Thirty minutes in traffic on a Friday afternoon, bringing back good old fun memories, priceless!

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  1. sorry i missed this post, sweetie! this is a beautiful recollection of what you did for your little sis. so proud of you!