Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good Feeling

It's past one o'clock in the morning and I'm still up. The reason being is that I've been reading my friends' blogs. They just give me this "good feeling."

Marissa's blog about "bakkaren" made me happy that I'm not alone when it comes my constant obsession, "trying to lose that last 5 lbs or more." I highly recommend Cherie's photos of "karatulas" that made me laugh so hard I got tears in my eyes. Although thousands of miles away I feel connected to Melodie with her latest blog about books (i love them too) and felt sorry for Menchie's trip to the beauty salon. Solita's love of nature makes me appreciate my surroundings more.

If you want that "good feeling" drop by and meet my friends. Enjoy!


  1. heheh! thank you for this, grace! the more people who hop over to my site, the more guaranteed craziness ~~ read: FUN! ~~. kunta mag-blog na man si tessa, nan sira raymund, reynaldo, dina, bingbing, etc. hala, torog na! igwa pa ako, gusto mo pa karatula? hahaha!!

  2. Thanks, madir. :) Naruruyag man ako magcheck sadi na blog mo everytime I'm online.

  3. salamatunon tabi..... enjoy man ako magbisita didi pag mayad an signal ko... urhi nga lang minsan hehehehehe