Friday, April 4, 2014

Another Milestone

I guess I've been preparing for this milestone ever since they were born.  The big 2nd year birthday for my twins, Alex &Allie.  And, no matter how prepared you are, something always creeps up.  I bet you any mom out there can relate.

Let's see, it's a day before party #3 and still I don't have a total count of kids that are going to attend or adults for that matter.  I guess, I should have expected that, right?  I'm still trying to delegate other important chores to anyone that would listen in my family.

With that said, I'm so grateful that I have the most

wonderful, super family ever.  I don't know where I would be now with all these craziness without them.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  As I was saying, we have 3 birthday parties for the little ones.  Party #1 - it's their real birthday.  My dad flew from Florida to be with the twins for that.  Auntie Pretty, baked cupcakes to the little ones which they were asking for, for days now.  Daddy, got another toy (basketball hoop) to add to the collection of kids' toys in the living room and everywhere else in the house.

Party#2 - today, a day after their birthday.  This one is for their little friends from school and hopefully the teachers will not have a hard time during nap time after a sugar rush from the cupcakes and juice boxes.  My dad and sister and I, enjoyed watching the kids devouring their cupcakes and singing happy birthday song to Alex and Allie.  I'm so amazed in how everyone waited patiently in their little chairs to get their treats.  Unfortunately, my little ones were not that behaved and could not contain their excitement at all.

Party#3 - tomorrow.  This is the big Kahuna.  I ordered the Filipino food weeks in advance.  There will be 2 birthday cakes and a Faerie named Miss Petal will be flying over to do a magic show, face painting and balloon twisting.  My sister put the finishing touches on the party favors a day or so ago.  My brother and his family will be flying in early tomorrow morning.  One of my sister's will be picking up the cakes and yet another sister is in charge of the transporting the toys to the party place to keep the little ones busy.  While their dad is in charge of the balloons.  Thank goodness my mom agreed to pick up the catered food.

There you have it!  I know for sure that Alex and Allie will never remember any of these, but this craziness will be forever in my heart.  This will be one of the so many milestones that my precious kids will be reaching and I will treasure for the rest of my life.

I'm so excited for them!  I can't wait to see the awe in their eyes when they see the Faerie, cakes, party favors, and all the people who love them who wish them all the goodness in the world.

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