Thursday, March 27, 2014

Craziness, I Tell You

Let's see, it's exactly one week before Alex and Allie's 2nd birthday.  So, I'm planning on taking off that Thursday through Monday.  You may ask, "why?"  or not.  But I will tell you anyway.

  1. They have their 24 month doctor's appointment on their birthday.  I know, I'm just a crazy mom.  But, this way, this appointment will never slip through the crack.
  2. Friday is their pre-school birthday party.  Meaning juggling with lunch boxes, cupcakes, juice boxes and party favors.  But wait, I will have help, my sister is planning on taking off that day also, yay, and my dad will be in town.
  3. Saturday is their 2nd birthday party.  So, there will be toys to be hauled to the party site, cakes to be picked up, food and drinks to be bought, and decorations to be arranged.
So, you see, it's just sheer madness, craziness, I tell you.  When you have two kids having a birthday at the same time, everything is multiplied by dos.

Enough said:)

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