Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Can See The Light

Today at our usual Sunday "In N Out," lunch after the twins swimming lesson it struck me that being the mom of toddlers is getting easier.  "What?," you say. Yup, I myself couldn't believe I'm thinking it and experiencing it, and now affirming it, by saying it. I finally hit that stage where I think I'm over the hump.  Both Alex and Allie went in to wait for their fries patiently while peeling off stickers and either sticking them on the table or to either my face or Greg's face.  I feel a lot of guilt that I've started them young on this horrible food, but, they so look forward to it every time.  What can a mom do, but, give in (sigh).  I will probably get the wrath of this from the kids therapists bills years later.
They did so well during their swimming lesson that this lunch was extra special.

So, to all you moms of twins out there, mark my word, around 23 months, 2 weeks and 4 days, your outlook will oh so change.  I promise you. 

Now off to dream land for me.  This MAMA needs her ZZZZZZZ's......

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